Newsletter from Christian Kallon

Dear Praying friend

Greetings to you once more in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! It is our prayer that this letter meets you in good health even as your soul prospers in the Lord.
It is a little over three months now since we have been in Sierra Leone with the COVID-19 lockdown. We want to believe that our being in Sierra Leone at this time was never a mistake, but God-ordained. For He has used these few months to strengthen the family bond, and to allow us time to carefully watch at our children – now grown-ups, and to discuss important family issues.
Again, God has used this same period to allow Lawrence and Matilda Tarr (Assistant Pastor and his wife) to have a feel of the work that they are being prepared to lead in taking up their nation for Christ. Thank you also for keeping all of us; both Lawrence who stayed to Man the work in Liberia and us in Sierra Leone with our children. It has been a real blessing for us all!
Now it has been made very clear that COVID-19 is going to be with us – a challenge we must all bear, trusting in the Lord for His divine intervention at His own time. The people of both nations – Sierra Leone and Liberia don’t care anymore to know about the virus’ spread as much as when it first entered our countries, though, for preventive measures, we continue to keep to health protocols and to follow Government’s directives to keep both ourselves and others safe.
Frankly speaking, Africa is going to face serious problems with joblessness which will eventually result in more economic hardship for many people just as it is going to be with other nations of the world. For this reason, we need to pray that it turns out to be for the good of the Gospel reaching out; and more people coming to faith in Christ.
While we await the lock-down to be lifted and borders to be opened, our Area Director wrote us from Ghana to express a thought; that goes like this; “While we wait is there anything that we can do during this time?” This little statement triggered a burden Augusta my wife has had to reach out to one of the impoverished villages in the Southern district town of Bo in Sierra Leone with food items and to share the Gospel message with them. God intervened by providing all that she needed to make this dream possible through friends and family members. A total amount of money was raised that is equivalence to 700.00 in the United State Dollars.
We got down to the village and gave out food items, shared the Gospel message in which almost everyone prayed to receive the Lord, educated them on the COVID – 19 and how it can be prevented, shared face masks with the elderly people and spend some time with them. I’m sending a detailed report along with this letter for you to read if you have time.