2020 September Newsletter

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Special Guest Speaker, Alan Pratt
Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy, President of The Signatry, Northwest Region
Alan equips others with the creative tools, strategies, and insight they need to maximize their generosity and establish a lasting legacy. Alan leverages his decades of experience as a financial professional, legacy advisor, and business owner to help families and ministries flourish.


Eddie and Bonita Harper

We are Eddie and Bonita Harper, currently living in Tulsa, OK, but plan to move to Okinawa, Japan as soon as possible. The Lord put Japan on our hearts in 2003, after graduating from Bible school in Oklahoma.

We commenced traveling in and out of Japan in 2007 and continued until 2016 when we moved to Kagoshima on the Island of Kyushu. We stayed until 2018 at which time we returned to the USA for a medical procedure that was not available in Japan, at that time.

We are passionate about the people of Japan to encounter Jesus Christ. This nation has suffered two atomic bombs, a nuclear disaster, as well as numerous natural disasters including tsunamis and typhoons.

Aidor and Nangkeo Saesee

We are Aidor and Nangkeo Saesee. We invite you to join our prayer and support team. After 20 years pastoring, God is calling us to go as missionaries. Hence, we are preparing to go to Southeast Asia to make disciples of Christ.

Michael and Hanna Frey

We are very excited that the Lord has placed it on our hearts to go spread the Good News of Jesus Christ in Okinawa, Japan! When Mike was in the Marines, he was stationed in Okinawa, Japan for two years — God has called us back. We will be reaching out to the United States Marines serving in the northern part of the island, and the military men and women imprisoned in the Camp Schwab US Marine Corps Brig. God is empowering us to share His love and hope in Jesus Christ with not only the US Marines but also the precious, Japanese people of Okinawa.

Lucy Kai Kai

I am Lucy Kai Kai, currently living in Canada. I am planning to return to my country of birth, Sierra Leone, Africa, to make disciples among my people on Sherbro Island.


Christian Kallon in Liberia, West Africa

  • Is helping a church in Lancaster, CA bring clean water to a needy village in Liberia
  • Planted a new church that needs a motorbike to support the ministry (Cost $1,200)

John and Suzanna Hyron’s in Macau, China

  • Planted a church alongside their daycare center

Edwin Duenas in Philippines

  • Started Bright Beginnings Learning Center, opened August 24, 2020
  • After the last ARMS Medical Mission in 2019, planted a new church in Kalibo, Aklan, Philippines

Sierra Leone, West Africa

  • COVID 19 put a missionary family into quarantine: Christian and Augusta Kallon’s daughter, Eleanor, tested positive for COVID; when the health workers arrived to take her to the hospital for treatment, the whole family (though testing negative) was quarantined as well
  • Praise the Lord, subsequent testing on Eleanor was negative; finally, the entire family was reunited and allowed to travel

Tom and Irene Hodges, US-Based

  • Celebrated their 58th Wedding Anniversary
  • Tom, at 85 years of age, hands out tracts and witnesses everywhere he goes

Tony Heredia, VP of Latin America

  • Reported, despite COVID-19, Latin American national workers took the opportunity to upgrade church facilities and hand out food bags to hurting families
  • Taught evangelism and discipleship to South American national workers via computer

CinA headquarters

  • Trained seven NEW Missionary candidates who are preparing for international ministry (Japan, Thailand, and West Africa)
  • Pray for their support raising as they prepare to leave for the mission field

During COVID pandemic

  • Missionaries continue to work
  • Some missionaries have to restrict their travel; some are facing financial difficulties, but the Gospel has not lost it’s POWER
  • Remember to pray and give to these modern-day heroes of the faith who are chosen and sent for such a time as this

New Donation mailing address:

  • Christians in Action Missions International
    P.O. Box 25093
    Fresno CA, 93729


With great honor and thanksgiving to God, I hereby introduce you, our faithful supporters, to our newest missionary candidates: Eddie and Bonita Harper, Mike and Hanna Frey, Lucy Kai Kai, and Aidor and Nangkeo Saesee. These dear souls are committed to service to the King of kings in Japan, Thailand, and West Africa. Incredible, that despite the nuisance of COVID-19 over the past several months, our organization has been blessed by God to orient these seven precious disciple-makers.

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David Ingerson, President/CEO CinAMI