Kerala, India Flood Relief

“Worst Deluge in a Century”

Dear praying friends, thanks for your prayers for the Lord’s work here.

Much rain falls made many disasters in Kerala. Many hills are collapsed, many highways and by-ways are blocked, transportation is difficult. Many houses, rooms, and surroundings are filled with water. Nearly 500 persons died of the flood. Many are in the hospitals. Some of our believers are affected by the flood. Many people are in the rescue camps. Through the outreach work, we are a consolation for them in all the ways that we can. ”
With much prayer, George Kutty Evg., India | 20 August, 2018

Please pray for the people of Kerala that in spite of the suffering, loss, and prospect of a slow recovery, the Lord will make His people bold. Please pray God will grant His children  boldness to be His hands and feet to minister, to love, and to speak His hope and Jesus’ name into people’s lives. Pray for effective help for those affected by the flood, for safety, provision, and the ability to rebuild communities. Consider giving to help the outreach work. 

This BBC News article has pictures that vividly continue the story.