Murama, Levy & Frida​​

Africa - Congo ID - M443

Schafer, Fredy & Raquel

Guinea Bissau, West Africa -  Oversee Ministries including Evangelism, a Medical Clinic, and a Christian Elementary School. ID - M340

Reifel, Elmer & Joann

Africa Area Director Sierra Leone, Africa - Discipleship & Pastoral training ID - M387 Ministry: Deep Well Ministries

Kargbo, Issa & Daphne

Freetown, Sierra Leone - National Superintendent CinA S.L. ID - M442

Kallon, Christian & Augusta

Liberia, West Africa Prison Ministry, Counseling, Children's Feeding Program, Leading a Community Soccer Team & Managing the Judy Zinser Memorial Foundation. ID - M404

Feistler, Jorge & Vera

Guinea Bissau, Africa - Church Planting, Community development, Medical Clinic-Vera is a nurse ID - M373