Hyrons, John & Suzanna


Missionary Updates:

My name is John Hyrons, and I have been in Macau for 46 years. I came to Macau on January 20th, 1975. Suzanna, being Chinese, was born and raised in Macau but went to England in 1977 and completed the missionary training course there with Christians in Action. We were married in 1981.

We have a church that was dedicated to the Lord back in 1983.

We have a non-profit children’s daycare center, which was established in 1997 with the help of the Macau Social Welfare department, who have been helping us with about 70 percent of the monthly expenditures. Our main purpose is to bring the children and families to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Come July 3rd of this year will be 24 years we’ve been in operation.

John is also a volunteer in the Macau prison. Suzanna works at the Hope Medical Clinic and orders medicine, does public relations with the government, and sometimes translate for the western doctors who cannot speak Cantonese. The Hope Medical Clinic also reaches out to cancer patients in the government hospital. Many have been led to Jesus because of this work!