With his Savior, there is no pain or sorrow

Greetings from India. We are greatly delighted to share the latest gesture of heavenly love our Father in heaven was pleased to bless us with.


Returning to India, I could not wait to meet Ganga and her father Gangadharan Pillai. I wanted to pray with him as he is very sick. I was able to hand over the inspiring life story of Sadhu Sunder Singh, a great saintly person who lived in India in the 20th century. He came to faith, and through many persecutions and oppositions from his own people and others, he persevered with spreading the gospel to lost souls in many places, especially in Tibet. Pillai is reading the book but I also wanted to give him the whole Bible which God enabled me to do. He was glad to receive it from my hands. Ganga was there with us in the Church while I preached last Sunday. Please pray for her father as his doctor suspects he has cancer. However, he is not scared of death, and says he wants to go home to be with his Savior, where there is no pain or sorrow. What great faith he has though he is a new believer! What is all the more joyful is that he took away all the Hindu idols he had with out me asking, as he understood idol worship is not pleasing to the Lord. He needs our help in the practical sense too, which I am pleased to do occasionally as he is a genuine seeker. I request your fervent prayers for both of them, that they may experience the love and peace that Jesus promises, and that they may be a shining example to many others around them.

In Christ’s love,