Unni’s Story

By teaching life skills and the Word of God, CinAMI Missionaries Paul and Leela Chandran bring hope and healing to troubled boys at Ashabhaven Home for the Hopeless in southern India. Paul, the director of Ashabhaven, shares Unni’s story of hope and healing: How God saved—not just once but twice—an unruly and disobedient seventeen-year-old boy.

Although Unni frequently came to the boys’ home to visit his friend Subi, he refused to participate in any prayer or Bible related activities. This all changed when during a recent walk with the boys in the nearby woods, Unni fell headlong, hit his head on a rock, and broke his arm. Paul feared for the boy’s life. As blood gushed from a deep gash in his head, Unni was rushed to the hospital. Only by the grace of God was Unni’s life spared that day.

After he was discharged from the hospital, Unni remained at Ashabhaven until fully recovered, affording him the opportunity to listen to the prayer meetings and Bible lessons he had previously rejected. As Unni began to ask thoughtful questions, Paul answered, eventually leading him to Jesus. Uni was saved a second time—this time for keeps—when only by the grace of God, he chose Jesus as his Savior!

Please pray for Unni as he learns to stand in his new faith and for his parents and sister who are yet to embrace Christ. Nothing is impossible for our God. May His name alone be praised!