Salone Connection

“We’re getting your room ready for you,” Eleanor texted us a few days ago.  We are so blessed to have wonderful Sierra Leonean friends that count us as family… and are always ready to host us!  We fly from

London tomorrow evening, and are delighted we can both go to Sierra Leone this time!


Our mission will include guest teaching at two weekend seminars for pastors, coordinating plans for a 2016 SOMA conference in Freetown, visiting Christians in Action schools (in Freetown, Bo  & Kenema),  and just being there to listen and encourage. November has been a momentous month for Sierra Leone!  On the 7th, the World Health Organization officially announced the end of the Ebola epidemic in the country.  Our friend, Donald, a key member of the UK Sierra Leone Prayer Network, has been there for several weeks and wrote from Freetown…


“I’ve been thrilled to be back home in Freetown… for the past 4 weeks. Praise the Lord, I was privileged to be there with friends and family to witness the formal declaration by the WHO.… There was much anxiety counting down to D-Day, nationwide prayer vigils, and fasting right through for all to go well without a hitch.  There was a tangible sense of relief when the end was announced following 18 months of the Ebola plague, [over 14,000] recorded infections… and after the tragic loss of [3,955 lives], of which 221 were health workers – many whom we knew personally as friends.  There were spontaneous celebrations with churches packed full, street parties, football matches, political rallies, markets overflowing…. Today (Nov 21) there was a National Gathering of Churches… at the National Stadium to thank God for the end of the Ebola crisis.”

Remember the many families that have been affected by Ebola, doctors and health workers, support teams and orphans who lost loved ones, and pray for rebuilding of broken communities. Pray for psychological healing.  Ebola brought fear, uncertainty and destruction that has affected every aspect of life, society, and the economy.  Pray for God’s wisdom for church leaders to be of one heart – exalting Jesus above the nation.

So as we go to Sierra Leone at this time…We give praise for God’s amazing and timely provision, our visas and tickets (the flight we were booked on was cancelled 4 days ago; direct flights, post-Ebola, have not yet been approved by the UK authorities, and we will now be flying via Casablanca).  We’re also delighted to be staying with friends! Their home is the perfect base for us.

Please pray for:

  • safe travel, good health, and physical endurance
  • the pastors’ seminars (4-5 Dec and 10-13 Dec) and other times of ministry
  • the Holy Spirit’s leading and inspiration, and for sensitivity to ‘God’s appointments’
  • protection from spiritual attack throughout the mission

And the Lord also be with you,

Ken & Yvonne Wiebe