O’George Kutty in India 9/19/20

Job 5:9,11  ” Which doeth great things and unsearchable, marvelous things with outnumber
To set up on high those that below; that those which mourn may be exalted to safety”
The Lord’s work in India by the grace of God particularly among the Tribal villages in North East India going on well, in this lockdown period with our limited freedom we could be a consolation for some families and individuals and relief ministry who are in need
For prayer as I have mentioned earlier about the Tribals in North East India, there are more than 28Tribals in North East India, each tribal have 40 to 50 Clans means descendant from one family. One among those Tribals names is Dimasa, from Dimasa Tribe we have believers from 4 clans Jidung, phonglo, thaosan, nunnisa, etc…, now we are sharing the gospel to a man named Smartjith from the Dimasa Tribe Hasna clan who is very interested in the Gospel. Smartjiths’, in the photo to the left, for your special prayer, he is undergoing treatment for TB disease, he was admitted to the hospital for treatment, now he is back in home not completely recovered and treatment lasts for few more months. He needs proper food and medicine please pray for him.
With much prayer blessings
O. Georgekutty & Thompson