My Hope

‘My Hope’

Greetings in the matchless name of our great Savior and Lord Jesus Christ! As one of the dear brethren shared recently, “Jesus wanted the servants at Canaa to obey His words – likewise, we are to await His instructions and to obey them without a second thought in order to receive His blessings. He uses those who are ignored and those who are not noticed by anybody ever, for the manifestation of His glory through them.” Praise God that He chose us as His vessels for the same purpose, to spread His love and the Good News, thereby manifesting His glory in and through us.

I am delighted to share a few lines on the recently concluded Vacation Bible School – 2016. Needless to say, it was indeed a great blessing to have conducted the VBS. Including the 150 children who attended, and the other helping hands we were blessed with, there were about two hundred altogether. The children thoroughly enjoyed the action songs and the Bible stories that were shared with them. I have to say I was rather concerned of the safety of the kids while they were being transported in and out. For sure, our father in Heaven took care of everything in an exemplary manner. We praise and thank God as the two days’ meeting went very well, and it turned out to be for the glory of God the father. The theme for this year was ‘My Hope’, and the children were given memory verses to by-heart and recite. We were able to provide them with good food, and they all enjoyed the tasty Biryani that was served. For those children who excelled at the different spiritual programs that were conducted, we gave away prizes in the form of stainless steel plates and glasses. At the end of the second day, everybody returned happily, with a thankful heart, in the hope that we shall meet each other again next year, God willing.

The highlight of this year’s VBS would be a teenager by the name of Va. He had come to visit me along with an old student of our institution. He had brought Va, who is his friend, when he came to see me, and Va wanted to leave in 15 minutes. God gave me the grace to make use of the opportunity to share the Gospel with him. Thank God for His wonderful provisions, and the miraculous ways in which He opens up doors for us to share the story of the rugged cross with many who are lost – Va accepted the Lord as I led him in prayer. He lives close by, so I am going to be seeing him again very soon.

God bless you abundantly in the days to come. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your love and support that you have extended to us in the past.

In Christ,