Guerra, Dominic “Nick” & Sandy

Dominic & Sandy Guerra

Nick and Sandy are on the missionary team in Okinawa, Japan where Nick has a very fruitful prison ministry and is planting a new church in the northern part of the island.


Sandy and I have been in Okinawa, Japan since December 1998. Our primary focus has panned out to be American servicemen and women stationed here. Sure, we witness, baptize, and disciple the Japanese, but for us, the vast majority of Kingdom fruit being harvested has been the highly transient American military population. We’ve found that Okinawa is a springboard, of sorts, for His disciples. Since the nature of the US military here is interim, we generally have six months to disciple, equip, groom, and release them into His harvest. We make disciples and we send laborers! Then we rebuild and do it again. (Lol! Pray for a Brother as this constant rebuilding requires much faith and labor.)