Macedonia is calling…again!

El Salvador, a country of roughly six million people, has, according to the Government of El Salvador statistics, 70,000 known gang members from several gangs including MaraSalvatrucha (MS-13) and Eighteenth Street (M18).

Savior of the World
Foto: The Savior of the World monument in San Salvador

Extortion is a very common crime in El Salvador not to mention in Guatemala as well.

Crime and violence with the current murder rate in El Salvador is the highest in the world, an annual rate of 103.1 murders per 100,000 citizens for 2015. In comparison, the U.S. rate is 4.5 per 100,000.

Last year you read our letter “The Macedonia Call”, which led us to initiate the first trimester of our Christians in Action Bible training curriculum in Chalatenanago, El Salvador. Now we are taking that course to the capital of San Salvador.

We begin a three-month Bible Training course June 13- Ag 28 in San Salvador. A three-month Advanced course and finally the three month leadership course are to follow. The Advanced course is planned for Chalatenango, El Salvador in Oct-Dec of this year.

Pray for the students:

  • Classes will be held each evening Monday thru Friday.
  • Safety in their commutes from work to attend classes
  • Academic and spiritual growth
  • Confirmation of God’s call on their lives for service as workers, teachers, preachers and/or missionaries

Pray for the teachers:

  • Teachers: Miguel and Linda Toledo, Carlos Orellana, Amadeo Cruz, Cony Quenun, as well as host teachers Ricardo and Lola Escobar
  • God’s protection for the team of teachers rotating weekly from Guatemala
  • $1,500 needed to cover expenses for the instructors
  • God’s anointing as we prepare and teach

Thank you for your vital prayers and support.
Laboring together with you,
Miguel and Linda