Latin America Medical Missions

During the first week of April, a team of ten short-term missionaries traveled from the US to Guatemala to treat medical needs and share the Gospel with those still struggling from aftereffects of the eruption of Volcano Fuego. Our energetic missionaries traveled from the capital to needy villages with the guidance and assistance of nine local national team members. Our enthusiastic crew of nineteen saw 434 patients, many of whom received Jesus as Lord and Savior. The grateful villagers repeatedly thanked our humble team that treated not only their physical but also spiritual needs by leading them to faith in Jesus.

Suicide plagued one certain community. Incredibly, since the toxic volcanic ash rained down, DAILY, two or three despairing souls have taken their lives in the small village populace. Many others are depressed, languishing under a dismal spirit of death. In the midst of such dense spiritual darkness, our team flooded the village with prayer and the light of the Gospel as they walked the streets, praying for the people, building trust and demonstrating God’s kingdom power and love, as the Scripture declares, “…the kingdom of God does not consist in words [only] but in power” (1 Corinthians 4:20).

Pray that the new brothers and sisters in Christ will continue to seek the Lord Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit, as they grow in their newfound faith.