Kuni Scripture Celebration!

Hodges Kuni 1

Our February update carried an article about Roland Fumey’s Kuni translation in Papua New Guinea. This is an extremely difficult tonal language with something like seven different pitch levels plus semantic markers that change on various syllables to make the same word mean up to 13 different things! (Moe dogo can mean 16 different things!) Roland told me that without Speech Analyzer, translation would’ve therefore been impossible! Last month’s picture showed him recording some Kuni on the Speech Analyzer I was privileged to help develop for five years. (1998-2003). We are overjoyed to learn that after 25 years, the Kuni New Testament has finally been finished! Here are a few pictures from the dedication. Over 350 New Testaments, 280 audio Bibles, and 130 SD cards for smart phones were bought. (Their Kuni heritage is quite primitive but many are now technically up-to-date.) In addition, over 800 watched the Jesus film in Kuni! Not all these people were saved so PRAY! For those of you, new to our letter, I’m blessed to help give media trainees at JAARS their final exam dubbing a language (they do not know) onto the Jesus film. Most of you were praying for us during my work on Speech Analyzer so we are delighted to remind you that this dedication is also some of the long- term fruit of your prayers and dedication. We could not have done it without your prayers and support.

Tom and Irene Hodges – Bible Translation Tech Support