In the waters of baptism

In the waters of baptism

Our dearly beloved in Christ,

Greetings in our precious savior’s matchless name!

We had a baptism service conducted last Saturday trusting in our Lord, where 3 boys from the Home, as well as a believer who worships the Lord with us here obeyed the Lord. It was indeed a blessed occasion as we could once again witness our Lord’s goodness and rejoice in the fact that the young boys as well as the adults could taste His love.  He was merciful to them that they were moved to obey His commandments in the waters of baptism. One of them was an elderly lady, who had first come to our Home to have her grandson dropped off to stay with us. We are glad that she is now a child of God who is very keen in growing in Him as well.


Although I was not particularly in good health (my back does gives me trouble at times), and it was not too comfortable having to stoop for the immersion, God gave me His grace to do the service for His name’s glory alone. We had the privilege of being graced by the presence of a few local Pastors as well, who prayed for them before they went into the water. It was conducted at our own baptism pool, which we were able to construct with the prayers and support of love received from many of our supporters like you – praise God.

Please pray for  the boys who got baptized and the elderly lady so that they will live a life that brings glory to our Savior’s great name, and that they will be witnesses for His love.

God bless you!