I had the honor to preach God’s Word

I had the honor to preach God’s Word
Pastor Tony - Bike

Greetings from Cartagena, Colombia.  Our CinA national pastors Sixto and Actris took us to the villages where they have started new churches.  I had the honor to give the dedication message of the Gospel in two areas. Motor bikes are used as taxis in the city and to go to villages. This was so much fun!

We went to four areas where our CinA Central church teams are working.  They share the Gospel by door to door evangelism, open air preaching, prayer walks, and home group meetings.

In the village called Boquilla (little mouth) they meet in wooden shacks around polluted waters infested with mosquitoes.  It was sad to see children and people living in these bad conditions. I’m standing on a small barge the locals use to cross onto the other side. At Villa Hermosa church I had the honor again to preach the Word of God. The response to the Alter calls for prayer and healing was awesome.

The purpose for this trip was to prepare these areas for Latin ARMS. This is a medical and dental event scheduled for this August. This outreach is headed by Ron and Virginia McCabe. Our pastors, ladies and church members are taking on responsibilities and logistics with a Cartagena friendly and serving spirit! This includes setting up the ministry sights such as church, school or clinic facilities adequate for this coming event with perhaps 40 volunteers. This will include, registration of patients, evangelism and children’s programs, seeing the doctors or nurses, and praying for healing, etc.

Pastor Sixto and his wife Actriz in the Central Church are already collecting food baskets for this event.

Pray that all things will work out for the good since we’re called to love and serve God and others. Ro. 8:28

Thank you for your prayers and financial support as we continue to serve the Lord.  God is faithful to supply all our needs.

Pastor Tony and Margaret Heredia