Action Newsletter April 2020

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We live in an unprecedented time. COVID-19 has brought sudden change to us all, including our CinAMI missionaries around the world. Although many fear, we need not, even in the midst of this global pandemic. God has given us a spirit of power, love, and a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7). This is our opportunity to shine!
Much like what we are experiencing here at home, our missionaries are enduring around the world. John and Suzanna Hyrons in Macau, China, reports that two to three times a day trucks rumble up and down the streets with drivers crying out, “Stay in your homes; only go out if necessary!” Area Director Freddie Roberson in London, reports they too are suffering the effects of panic buying, especially of toilet paper. O’George Kutty reports from India that they are under severe restrictions.
Due to the effects of COVID-19 worldwide, field director Edwin and Jo Duenas canceled this year’s CinA medical dental mission trip to the Philippines. Edwin’s team provides food staples weekly to 600 indigent families within their reach. It’s because of you, the generous body of Christ, that they are able to continue this food relief program. When you give, it’s as if you’re there, holding up the hands that give unto the Lord.
Rev. Issa Kargbo, National Superintendent of CinA Sierra Leone, reports that they’ve had 26 incidents of the virus. He says, “Even though we have been minimally affected, in that we are one body of Christ, when one part suffers, all suffer, especially, since we cannot do anything–but–we are constantly upholding you in our prayers.”
So, we encourage you to not only give, but also pray, expecting God to act.
“For God alone my soul waits in silence: from him comes my salvation.” Psalms 62:1
As we wait for an end to the COVID-19 and it’s affect on our daily life, let’s focus on the one sure Hope, our God! Only He can promise and fulfill our salvation. 
To support this effort, please donate online at or mail 1322 E. Shaw Ave, Suite 150, Fresno, CA 93710.

How Kanakan found Jesus – India

By Paul Chandran– February 2020
Kanakan came to our home seeking financial help to fund his young son’s cardiac treatment.
He was shattered. He’d struggled for years to provide for his family. The Lord anointed me to share the Gospel with him as well as help him financially. He listened, and with tears, accepted Jesus as his Lord. His repentance and coming to the Lord was our first 2020 gift from above – praise the Lord!
There are a lot of deserving people like Kanakan who are willing to come and hear the Gospel. As long as we are prepared to tell them of the love of Christ, God will do wonders! May this be a challenge to each of us, as it was to me, and a definite reminder of how great a God we serve!

International Leadership Council

In October 2019, President David Ingerson and wife Kathleen, hosted seven CinAMI key leaders and their wives from across the globe in a week of prayer and strategy. We updated our mission statement: “to make disciples of all nations through:
1) Encounter with Christ,
2) Equipping Disciples,
3) Empowering National leadership.”

Local Fresno Missions Conference

For CinAMI President David Ingerson and his wife, Kathleen, reaching the next generation is near and dear to their hearts. In November 2019, they represented CinAMI at a missions conference sponsored by their home church in Fresno. They whisked children away on an imaginary trip to Africa, asking: “One day, would you go and share the love of God?” Most answered with an enthusiastic, “YES”.
This February 2020, they attended “Cultivate,” a missions conference for high schoolers, hosted by Fresno Pacific University. At their display table, the high schoolers were challenged to match 21 flags (each representing a CinA work) with their corresponding countries. Additionally, David lead two breakout sessions instructing support raising.

Guatemala Trip

Hosted by CinA area Director Miguel and Linda Toledo, President David Ingerson and newest CinA board member Jay Dawson, traveled to Guatemala to our survey mission work as well as supplement their leaders’ training to make disciples who make disciples.
They encouraged many of the 1,500 church members and ministry leaders among 21 churches in this country of 17 million. Jay, founder of Crossover Ministries who teaches disciple-making in Africa, joined David presenting training for our Guatemalan leaders.

Precious soul, Carmen, (left) while attending Sunday service in our training facility in Guatemala City, was healed of asthma and converted to faith in Christ on her 75th birthday—now her double birthday. Elated, Carmen’s daughter exclaimed, “I’ve prayed for my mother since I put my faith in Christ five years ago.” Glory to God!
Effective discipleship training incorporates encouraging disciples to share their faith and train their new converts to do likewise. This concept is effective due to the exponential multiplication potential that is only possible when many share with a few, verses a few share with many.

Divine Appointments with the Hodge’s

In the proud and time-tested tradition of always watching for personal witnessing opportunities, Tom and Irene Hodges set the standard and example for all others! May we start our day by praying, “Lord, open our eyes to the divine appointments you have scheduled for us today so we can bring glory to Your holy name, in Jesus name, Amen.”

“Although exhausted at the end of Irene’s birthday, we decided to celebrate at Applebee’s. I headed for the restroom but was intercepted by an ex-Marine who noticed my USMC belt buckle. Striking up a conversation, I turned it to my testimony and the gospel. His two friends sitting with him couldn’t help overhearing! All got gospel tracts.”

At Applebee’s:
“Katy, our waitress, was also a needy soul. She’d just had a devastating breakup with her boyfriend and had stopped drinking only a week before. After witnessing to her, she heard everything she needs to trust Jesus with her future.“

In Walmart, I saw a young teen jump way up three times trying to reach a box of goodies on the top shelf. I got it easily for her with my cane. This opened a great gospel witnessing conversation with a South African lady and her daughter.”


Over the past two years, as I have served this organization, I’ve been deeply humbled by passionate Christ-followers like you. You have reached those without God’s love—particularly those who haven’t heard the good news in their context because the Gospel is not freely declared.
How can you and I express our tenderness for the work of God? In addition to the ever-present need for cash gifts—there is also a great need and potential incredible benefit to donating some or all of the value of non-cash assets you own such as stocks, bonds, real estate, businesses, etc. Various non-cash assets may appreciate resulting in hefty income tax liability upon disbursement. Sharing these assets to further the Gospel—particularly before their redemption may result in surprising reductions in tax liability. We’re connected with professionals that can advise and help you devise non-cash giving kingdom impact.
Give me a call, office (559-370-4103) or cell (318-470-1925). I’m happy to discuss the possibilities with you as you change lives for eternity.