Feistler, Jorge & Vera

Jorge & Vera Feistler

Within a month they were getting settled in a Muslim town of 5000 which had no school and no medical clinic. Their days began early with a school of about 300 kids. Each class began by singing a song to Jesus then the normal studies. Between classes there were many questions from the students that would lead to sharing the love of Christ. They were successfully raising a church within a school in a land where others, much more prepared than they had failed. Raquel Schafer and Vera with nursing training had basically become doctors. At least everyone else expected them to be and by all practical definitions they were. I saw them saving lives every day, mostly children, from malaria and malnutrition. Taking a walk down the main street, which was nothing more than a dirt road, we met and hugged glowing Africans as Raquel greeted them in the Portuguese/African dialect as though she were a daughter or a sister. They had become one with this village. They were meeting life’s basic needs and they were showing Muslims who Jesus is.